Product developments

Unique flavour harmony

The Gastronomy and Sommelier Academy Ltd. performs product developments in different countries by using the unique and special, trade marked receipts made from original Tokay materials, what will create an amazing, out-of-the-common, perfect favour based on the request of the customers. The result of the product development is a new, extra quality and top class product, just like the world famous Tokay, what is well known as a luxury brand all over the world.

These special, trade marked materials are available only in limited quantity, therefore these new product developments what contains this special materials can be marked and labeled in exclusive category as "Limited Selection".

High quality materials

The peculiar, and trade-marked own developments made from Tokay and other special materials, contains extra fine quality of compositions and qualitative flavor aromas.

The materials are 100% natural, contains many useful vitamins, minerals, penicillin, polyphenol and antioxidants.


The warranty of our company activities is the founder, the wide gastronomy experience and knowledge of the founder Zoltan Slezsak. He was born in Tokay region, and he owns a museum cellar in the heart of Tokay, also has decades of experience and professional knowledge of gastronomy.

Zoltan Slezsak is a leading person in the Hungarian Sommelier Profession and gastronomy progress. He works in different countries as gastronomy expert, to innovate and develop new products.